Must listen: Swedish Singer Tove Lo’s ‘Cycles’


Swedish singer and songwriter Tove Lo found international fame through her highly sexual pop music. ‘Blue Lips’ is her third studio album which was released on November 17, 2017 by Island Records. In the album, Tove Lo is more focused on delivering a dark and electronic appeal with a tinge of pop.

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‘Cycles’ is sure to take a toll on your feelings as Lo sings about wanting to date an ex lover. She sings, “I’m in a cycle / Yeah, I admit it / How can I change it when I don’t know when I’m in it? / I’m in a cycle / Swear this is different / Don’t wanna end it, if you leave then I keep spinnin’.” The lyrics are beautiful and the same blended with its pop music is what makes ‘Cycles’ a must listen. Critics have claimed the song to be a Julia Michaels ‘Issues’ impersonation. However, that most certainly does not make the song not worth a listen.

Check out the music video of the song below:

‘Bitches’ is another song from Blue Lips that has garnered immense appreciation from fans and critics alike. The song has YouTube views of 6,373,073 at the time of writing this piece.

Check out bitches below:

Blue Lips [Lady Wood Phase II] Tracklist:
Light Beams (part one):
01. Disco tits
02. She don’t know but she knows
03. Shivering gold
04. Don’t ask don’t tell
05. Stranger
06. Bitches

Pitch Black (part two):
01. Romantics (featuring Daye)
02. Cycles
03. Struggle
04. 9th of october
05. Bad days
06. Hey you got drugs?


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