Beyoncé ‘pulled a Beyoncé’ yet again with surprise new album: Homecoming: The Live Album


Beyoncé dropped a new surprise album on Wednesday April, 17 titled ‘Homecoming: The Live Album’. The album coincides with the release of her Netflix documentary ‘Homecoming: A film by Beyoncé. The film features her headlining sets in the Coachella music festival 2018. The album is the coverage of 40 of her live songs from the same headlining sets.

‘Homecoming: The Live Album’ is an album of intriguing musical details, conceptualised and engineered with captivating knowledge of the art. The album preserves one of her historic performances taking her worldwide fans the closest ever to a Beyoncé live concert.

A performance so carefully crafted with over 200 unified performers on stage. Encompassing a super synchronised and well composed orchestra, a choir and a wildfire of aggressive background dancers. New name alert #Beychella! Beyoncé’s eye for detail in each of the performative aspect reflects back on her insane talent throughout the show. Beyoncé has incessantly cast light on her fondness for the black community through poems and quotes by Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison.

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The tracklist goes as follows:

  1. Welcome (Homecoming Live)
  2. Crazy In Love (Homecoming Live)
  3. Freedom (Homecoming Live)
  4. Lift Every Voice and Sing (Homecoming Live)
  5. Formation (Homecoming Live)
  6. So Much Damn Swag (Interlude – Homecoming Live)
  7. Sorry (Homecoming Live)
  8. Kitty Kat (Homecoming Live)
  9. Bow Down (Homecoming Live)
  10. I Been On (Homecoming Live)
  11. Drunk In Love (Homecoming Live)
  12. Diva (Homecoming Live)
  13. Flawless / Feeling Myself (Homecoming Live)
  14. Top Off (Homecoming Live)
  15. 7/11 (Homecoming Live)
  16. Bug A Boo Roll Call (Homecoming Live)
  17. Party (Homecoming Live)
  18. Don’t Hurt Yourself (Homecoming Live)
  19. I Care (Homecoming Live)
  20. Partition (Homecoming Live)
  21. Yoncé (Homecoming Live)
  22. Mi Gente (Homecoming Live)
  23. Baby Boy (Homecoming Live)
  24. You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No) (Homecoming Live)
  25. Hold Up (Homecoming Live)
  26. Countdown (Homecoming Live)
  27. Check On It (Homecoming Live)
  28. Deja Vu (Homecoming Live)
  29. The Bzzzz Drumline (Interlude – Homecoming Live)
  30. Run The World (Girls) (Homecoming Live)
  31. Lose My Breath (Homecoming Live)
  32. Say My Name (Homecoming Live)
  33. Soldier (Homecoming Live)
  34. Get Me Bodied (Homecoming Live)
  35. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (Homecoming Live)
  36. Lift Every Voice and Sing (Blue’s Version – Homecoming Live)
  37. Love On Top (Homecoming Live)
  38. Shining (Thank You) (Homecoming Live)
  39. Before I Let Go (Homecoming Live Bonus Track)
  40. I Been On (Homecoming Live Bonus Track)

The album is produced by Parkwood Entertainment, under exclusive license to Columbia Records. Distributed by Sony Music Entertainment. The album is available for streaming on Youtube Music, Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer, Soundcloud and Amazon Music.


Sini James

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