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Album Review – Camila by Camila Cabello

Camila released her self titled solo album on Jan 12 and it has already hit no.1 in 100 countries including US, Canada, Philippines, Japan and UK within 24 hours on release .

Talking about the exclusive songs released in the album it clearly indicates the Latin influence of the singer, her vulnerability and sounds totally herself.

#1 All these years
An acoustic song with lyrics about running into an old love, this song is also the singer’s favourite.

#2 She loves control and #3 Inside out
They’re both Reggaeton inspired and fill up the void of a tropical vibe in the album. Inside out is my personal favorite

#4 Consequences and #5 Something’s gotta give
Both, ballad like pieces these are emotionally power packed and talk about the price of love. None to disappoint!

#6 In the dark
In the dark is so lyrically driven and pop infused, it just cannot get better.

#7 Into it
A sultry dance number and so cool!

All the songs are very different from each other & still represent Camila in every way. The experience is ultimate and I urge you to to invest in buying the album!

Here’s who won what at AMAs 2018

Please note :  These songs are exclusively released in the album. The album also includes previously released singles Havana, Never be the same/ Never be the same (Radio edit) and Real friends.


Sini James


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